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Arcadia Chinese Association 38th Annual Gala and Chinese New Year Festival

ACA has successfully hosted the 38th Annual Gala

One VIP Comments: What a wonderful program. Thank you so much for a delightful evening. Everything was so well organized and presented with precision. Please thank all the participants for their excellent contribution to the event – whether it be in a performance or the hard work behind the scenes with the production. ACA is such a source of pride in so many ways. You are such a blessing!

Another VIP comments: What a lovely New Year’s Celebration the ACA hosted and thank you so much for inviting Chris and I. We totally enjoyed the amazing show that had such a heartwarming story. We really felt the
unity of spirit overcoming the difficult year we have all experienced. The entertainment was so varied and excellent. We particularly enjoyed all the ACA Members singing together! It is quite an accomplishment to manage that level of fundraising during the economics of this past year.
You should all be so proud of ACA’s success in so many areas, as I am sure you are!
Thank you for your invitation to this meaningful evening, as well as ALL your hard work for ACA! This ACA evening was the most professional of any Zoom performances that we have viewed. The role ACA plays in our Arcadia community is so outstanding!

Shirley Yee, School Board Member: I wanted to thank you for including me in your wonderful 38th Annual Gala and Chinese New Year celebration last night. I really enjoyed hearing about what Arcadia Chinese Association represents and its accomplishments this past year. Our community is lucky to have an organization who is dedicated in doing what it can to improve our city and support our community.

The performances last night were so well put together, and I am in awe of all the talent that was showcased last night! Please extend my thanks and good wishes to all of the performers as well as the MC’s, who made everything seem so effortless.

Arcadia Library executive director Darlene: The Arcadia Chinese Association Gala Event was absolutely delightful. I truly enjoyed it and really loved seeing all that the Arcadia Chinese Association has done for the community over this past year and for so many, many years in Arcadia. Thank you for all of your service to the community!

message from Arcadia ex-Mayor James R. Helms, Jr.: “The ACA Gala last night was superb. I don’t know how much time and effort it took to make that show, but it was so much fun to watch.





学校董事会成员Yer Shieley:感谢您邀请我昨晚参加第38届年度联欢晚会和农历新年庆祝活动,我真的很高兴听到亚市华协代表的演讲以及去年的成就。我们的社区很幸运,有一个致力于尽其所能改善城市和支持社区的组织。



阿卡迪亚前市长James R. Helms,Jr.回复:昨晚的亚市华协联欢晚会很棒。我不知道制作那个节目要花多少时间和精力,但是看起来真有趣。

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