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Yesterday (Saturday, 4-10-10), with the corporation from the weather, we had such a perfect day for a field trip to San Diego –  a cloudy fresh air day first and then sunny and beautiful day.
First of all, we’d like to thank Alice Wang, Chair of Senior Citizen Club, for organizing another awesome one-day-trip for ACA.  Alice has done so much, beyond what we can all imagine before and during the trip:  the courtesy phone reminder, the delicious 包子for breakfast, the lyrics of songs for everybody to sing along, the drinking water tank, the attractive prizes (ex. plastic cups with lid), the great entertaining on the bus…  She should be extremely exhausted towards the end though.  Salute to your full effort and dedication, Alice.

We’d like to also thank David again this time.  We couldn’t done the game without him.   Per request, David has hosted this fun game 成語接龍 on the bus, just like our last trip, for over 30 non-stop minutes.  We can tell that David has lost his voice towards the end.  Thanks for David entertainment and dedication too.

We’d like to especially thank John, Sherry Liang’s husband, for the effort of bringing us so many CDs/VCDs to sing and the portable karaoke player.   Even though the bus system doesn’t cooperate, we really appreciate your great idea and effort.

Besides, Yvonne, former 4-year-Chair of the Senior Citizen Club, did not forget to urge people on the bus to RSVP for our upcoming Mother’s Day Tea Party event.  Yvonne, you are our always super star sales lady.

We’d like to thank everyone’s participation in singing, telling jokes and playing all the games together.  Thank you all for your participation throughout the trip, which is the crucial factor that we truely enjoyed all the wonderful quality time together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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