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Gary Kovacic(市議員,市長)

KovacicAs a life Member of the Arcadia Chinese Association, I am very proud of the Association’s accomplishments and contributions to Arcadia and out neighboring cities. My wife Barb and I are also honored t have the members of the Association as our friends.

With a talented Board of Directors and many hard-working volunteers, the Association has become very involved in the life of our city. The Association sponsors outstanding annual events in Arcadia such as Law Day, the Chinese New Year’s Party for seniors, and the Recognition Luncheon for the city’s employees. The Association also hosts fun-filled parties and dinners throughout the year. These events, and many others, help promote inter-cultural understanding and civic virtue.

Arcadia is blessed with an exceptional diversity of residents. As a member of the Arcadia City Council since 1996, I have always pursued the goal of promoting mutual respect and bringing our many cultures together in the spirit of friendship and cooperation. The Association has helped achieve that goal.

Thank you for all your help. You have helped to make Arcadia a wonderful and friendly city.

亞市華人協會在社區與鄰近城市的成就和貢獻使我這個終身會員深感驕傲,內人Barb和我本人也以有華協這樣 的朋友為榮.

這群滿有才華的理事和義工们在社區的各項公益活動中積極投入,例如一年一度與市政府合辦的免費法律 諮詢,為社區年長者舉辦春節午宴,招待市府所有員工,各種各類的社區聯誼..等等,都促進了社區內族裔間 文化交流和相互了解與融合.

亞凱迪亞有幸是一個多元族裔的社區,自從1996年本人擔任市議員以來便在友誼與合作的基礎上致力於不 同族裔與文化的相互尊重和交流,而華協幫助我完成了這個目標.


Gail Marshall(市議員,前市長)

MarshallI am pleased to recognize the Arcadia Chinese Association on the occasion of their 24th Anniversary. This marks twenty four years of ACA’s meaningful involvement with and for the City of Arcadia. They have contributed generously in terms of time and money to nearly every service organization now supporting our residents. They have made substantial contributions to the Arcadia Unified School District, the Arcadia Educational Fund, the Red Cross, the Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations too numerous to mention. Their membership can be found at every City event; always dependable, ever willing to assist. The ACA is a valuable asset to this community, and I am delighted to acknowledge their innumerable contributions on this special occasion.

很高興有機會在華協24週年慶時給予他們應得的表揚,這代表了過去24年來華協對社區的貢獻,他們對 各項與居民有關的活動作了金錢與義工的慷慨資助,並對社區裡各個社團,組織作了巨大的貢獻.例如:學區, 教育基金會,紅十字會,市商會等等.在社區各項活動中都可看到他們義工成員的積極投入.亞市華人協會是 亞凱迪亞重要的資產,我很高興能有機會給予他們適當的認可.

John Wuo( 亞市市長)

WuoI remember when we first presented AHS Chinese Parents’ Booster Club to the high school principal and the council PTA, we encountered tremendous resistance and opposition. At the end we were able to prevail.

Arcadia Chinese Association probably faced the same obstacles throughout the years. We had to work extra hard to have a presence in the community. Over the last 20 plus years, ACA has established itself and plays significant role in our community now.

These achievements are earned through all the hard works by volunteering officers, board members and membership at large. I am very proud to be a part of this organization. I wish you the continuous success in any of your future endeavors.

John Wuo (Mayor, September 2005)記得亞市高中華裔家長會草創之初,我們在學校及家長委員會中經過了許多折衝,終能獲得只成功.

華人協會在過去也許也經歷了許多困難,我們必須放入更多的努力才能在社區裡出頭. 20多年來華 協在社區裡已生根立足而且擔當非常重要的角色.

他們的成功是靠著所有義工,理事和全體會員的共同努力,我以是華協成員之一為榮,我祝福你們未 來繼續的成功發展.

Mickey Segal(市議員,前市長)

SegalThe Arcadia Chinese Association is an important participant in the City of Arcadia. They provide our community with a means to continue to introduce and unite our diverse population. The Arcadia Chinese Association has been a good citizen and always available to lend a helping hand to city needs and causes.

Mickey Segal (City Council, Past Mayor, September 2005)

華協是亞市社區重要的參與者,因為華人協會,社區能不斷繼續引介和融合不同的族裔,他們是亞市的好公民,為了社區, 對所有活動都熱心的參與和贊助.

Roger Chandler(前市議員,前市長)

ChandlerArcadia Chinese Association signifies volunteerism, community service, pride and commitment. For many years, these talented and enthusiastic people have worked hard to create a connection with Arcadians of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Through community involvement and services, the member of the Association have enhanced our city by sharing their customs and heritage, helping create a stronger bond between the Asian and American cultures, and by becoming not only neighbors, but also friends. The Arcadia Chinese Association is a premier services club that gives a voice to its members through community involvement and political awareness.

華人協會是亞市義工,社區服務,尊嚴和堅守承諾的寫照,這群才華出眾的朋友们,多年來一直致力 於擔任各個不同族裔間的橋樑,經由他們各項社區服務,文化交流的努力. 華協促進了亞裔和非 亞裔社區間的相互了解,他 們不但是鄰居,而且成為我們的朋友. 華協經由服務使華人在社區裡得到應有的重視.

Joann Steinmeier(亞市學區教委主席)

SteinmeierThe mission of the Arcadia Chinese Association has long been to help new immigrants become part of our community. From what I have observed, they have done their job well and without much fanfare.

I have lived in Arcadia for most of my adult life, and I know that Arcadians are justifiably proud of our community. The Arcadia Board of Education wants to thank you for your generous spirit.

Thank you to the Arcadia Chinese Association for playing their part well.

Joann Steinmeier
President, Arcadia Board of Education, September 2005

亞市華協多年來的任務之一是幫助新移民融入社區,據我的觀察他們一直在默默而且 成功的從事這項工作.

成年後我大部份的時光是在亞市渡過,而亞市居民一向都以亞市為榮,我代表亞市學區 教育委員會在此感謝華協大公無私的奉獻精神. 亞市華人協會成功的扮演了他們的角色.

John McClain(教委,前教委主席)

McclainArcadia Chinese Association’s support has been a key to the success of our children and the long term health and success of our fine city. Your dedication and generous support of both time and resources has been greatly appreciated. Arcadia Chinese Association commitment to family and community has been and will continue to be a blessing to our community. Thank you again for all that you have done.

John R. McClain, (Governing Board – Arcadia Unified School District, September 2005)

華協對於亞市學子的成功和社區的健康成長,扮演了舉足輕重的角色.我們深深感謝他們 的努力和投入. 華協過去與未來繼續為社區的奉獻是全體居民的福氣.再次謝謝他們的所作所為.

Bob Sanderson(亞市警察局長)

dscf6236_smPlease relay to the ACA my personal appreciation for the friendship that has been given to me and the Arcadia Police Department over the years. The ACA has remained a steady companion to us and is made up of people who individually and collectively care about our community. ACA members have been active in all aspects of our community life, from their initiatives to improve and support our schools, assistance to the police and fire departments and other city departments, their involvement in the business community and interaction in social gatherings. Each member has demonstrated commitment to helping others and to being a friend. Arcadia is fortunate to have such a caring and committed group of citizens who are willing to take on important challenges and give of themselves. I count myself as blessed by your friendship.

請向亞市華人協會全體朋友表達我對他們多年來對市警局及我本人大力支持的感激之意, 華人協會由一群長期關懷社區福祉的朋友組成.他們一向對社區的各類活動全力投入,如學區, 市警局,消防局,市政府,市商會,社區商家和不同族裔間聯誼活動…等等. 他們的成員更 表現了助人和傳播友情的熱誠,亞凱迪亞非常慶幸有像華協這種滿有愛心關懷, 願意為社區奉獻服務的社團.我本人有幸能擁有這份友誼.

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